Whether you're looking to partner on your creative project or want me to take the reigns, my process starts by listening to what YOU want. 

I'm here to exceed your expectations, regardless of the project.

I highlight my client's unique beauty...or make them completely unrecognizable...depending on the project

It's not just about making someone feel pretty...

blend art and science

Makeup by Molly was created to 

let's connect!

Work that ranges from film to weddings to editorial, throughout Philly, DC and NYC

If you’re in the Philly, New York or DC area, I’d love to connect and help you create the exact look you’ve imagined!

From concept to creation, I’m here to ensure you get whatever look you’ve been dreaming of.

It's about making sure their mind is always blown when they look in the mirror. I care about the details (literally every single brush stroke) and sought out the highest level of training to be able to provide a level of service and technical ability for my clients - whether they're looking for beauty, special effects or anything else! 

Makeup became my medium to express my creativity, becoming my art.